Weekly Workout Recap

Monday, September 8th
Upper body workout: 20 min.

Tuesday, September 9th
Walking with Knox: 2.46 miles, 54:39 min.


Wednesday, September 10th
Running: 3.7 miles, 43:34
Upper body workout: 20 min.

photo 2

Thursday, September 11th


photo 3

 Friday, September 12th
Running: 3.0 miles, 35:00 min.

photo 2

Saturday, September 13th

Walking: 3.5 miles, 1:23:16 min.
Upper body strength training: 20 min.

photo 4

Sunday, September 14th

Running: 3.05 miles, 35:00 min.


Banana Chocolate Protein Smoothie

photo 1

Last night, I decided I would start increasing my base run durations about 10-15 percent every week. Since I’ve been running 30 minutes for the past three weeks, I upped it to an easy 35 minutes. I’m learning that doing too many interval workouts is doing more harm than good. I can’t underestimate the benefit of a nice, easy base run. I know I’m too comfortable when I hit 35 minutes and feel like it’s only been 5. Last night, I got to 24 minutes and felt like it had only been 5, so I’m getting there. The best part is that I’m just feeling so darn good. I’m finally going to start to see runs in the 3-mile range instead of the 2-mile range!

photo 2

After my run, the hubby and I vegged out with Chinese food and watched “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” which was hilarious!

Side note: Yesterday morning, it snowed. Yes. It was 45 degrees during the day. It snowed to the point where you could see white rooftops. What?

And this morning, on my walk with Knox, it was 80 degrees. I don’t understand Colorado sometimes!

It was sunny and beautiful as we headed out to do our usual loop. I love Knox’s face is the picture below. He’s thinking, “Mom, you’re being ridiculous. The door is this way.”

photo 3

photo 5

We did the 3.5-mile route and listened to some material I’m considering singing for some upcoming auditions. It was a very laid back, pleasant stroll.

photo 4

I really love walking. Although walks like this take longer than runs, they are so good for the mind, body, and soul. They’re also good for fat-burning! And pup-hyperness taming! :)

photo 1

My legs have been very sore and achey since, like I mentioned, I had been pushing myself a little too hard with intervals and just plain doing too many things at once. Walks help loosen up my muscles and make me feel more flexible. I also need to stretch more. Working on that!


Banana Chocolate Protein Smoothie

After our walk, I did my first-timer upper body strength training circuit before throwing a banana, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 6 oz. of water and a couple ice cubes into my blender. I can definitely get used to this! A new thing to look forward to after my workouts:

photo 2
Mmmmmm! It is delicious and satisfying until I can figure out what’s for lunch. I’m also considering doing some cleaning and laundry… but for now, this smoothie has my full attention.

Have a good Saturday!


Office Baby Shower

photo 1Office selfie!

Yesterday we held a baby shower for one of our editors who is due to have a baby girl in early October. The shower was a success! At least when it comes to mid-day office-party standards. I put together this baby picture guessing game: photo 2It was a hit, although it was quite hard for people to correctly figure out who was who. photo(24)And in case you’re curious, this is my baby picture: baby picAnd we enjoyed these lovely pink cupcakes: photo 3Much better than spending the afternoon hunched over my computer! Although I did spend the evening on the couch. Couch potato Rest days are important! Knox kept me company: photo(23)Running tonight, and I’m looking forward to it!