Weekly Workout Recap

Monday, September 15th
Walking with Knox: 3.4 miles, 1:15:30 min.
Upper body strength training: 20 min.

photo 1

Tuesday, September 16th

Spinning: 1 hour

photo 5

Wednesday, September 17th

Running: 3.00 miles, 35.36 min.
Upper body strength training: 20 min.

photo 3

Thursday, September 18th


photo 1(1)

Friday, September 19th

Running: 3.01, 35:53 min.
Upper body strength training: 20 min.

photo 1

Saturday, September 20th
Walking with Knox: 3.04 miles, 1:07:43 min.

photo 2

Sunday, September 21st
Running: 3.46 miles, 42:43 min.
Upper body strength training: 20 min.

photo 1

Friday Night Feast

Woo! This week wasn’t necessarily jam-packed, but when Friday came around, I was feeling sluggish and tired. I thought, since it was the day after my rest day, that my run would be great like it usually is on Fridays, but this one was particularly tough. My legs and endurance are notably stronger, but my mind was weak. I had to cheerlead myself through every minute of my treadmill intervals. Next week, I’m increasing the distance… so let’s hope this sluggishness is a one-time deal.

photo 1

I had some filling chicken for lunch, and I was still not hungry when my 5:00 gym session rolled around. Needless to say, after finishing up and showering, I was ravenous! One of these babies held me over:

photo 2

And then this little coupon was all the convincing we needed for a delicious date night:

photo 3

Mike was starving too, having come from an all-day golf game with his workmates. He had never been to Bonefish Grill! The last time I went was after my college graduation, but I knew what to order as our starter: Bang Bang Shrimp, duh!

photo 4

It’s basically shrimp tempura with spicy mayo. And it is divine! Especially paired with some sauvignon blanc! We also ordered Lily’s Chicken and their new Basil Fettuccine dish. The perfect way to end the week.

photo 5

Now to figure out what’s in store for our weekend!

The Past Week in Pictures


So, I’ve had blogger’s block this past week. I’ve had no idea what to write about, and nothing too exciting has happened, either. I’ve just been working and working out and reading and being goofy. So in an attempt to seem like someone who blogs consistently, here are some pictures. :)

Snuggling a loving kitty while babysitting:

photo 1

Reading “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.” Liking it a lot so far:

photo 1(1)Eating a lot of Goddess salads with leafy greens and feta cheese. So satisfying:

photo 3(1)Learned that grapefruit on an empty stomach is not the best snack of choice before a hellish spin class. Got really nauseated. Not sure if was really the grapefruit, but I’m going to blame it for now:

photo 4Not weighing myself for a while, but I’m feeling stronger, lighter, and more energetic. I felt like I could see a difference three weeks into my new routine:

photo 2And this is from this week. Loving my new Marmot running T:

photo 5Been in a goofy selfie war with the friends lately. This is my personal favorite:

photo 4(1)And this has been on my mind lately. Auditions…

photo 1(2)

Also considering improv classes… Eek!

photo 2(2)

Took Knoxy to work today. I love this picture of him trying to understand the elevator:

photo 2(1)Walking around the parking lot in 90+ degree heat:

photo 3(2)Annnnd that’s it for now. Hopefully more exciting posts are coming soon. <3