Weekly Workout Recap

I’m thinking about starting a recap of each week’s workouts, but you never know if things will stick, so let’s see, shall we? This week felt absolutely great!

photo 1Monday, August 25th
Running: 2.42 miles, 30:00 min.

photo.PNG-3Tuesday, August 26th
Spin class: 60 min.
Short walk with Knox

photo 2Wednesday, August 27th
Running: 2.5 miles, 31:01 min.


Thursday, August 28th
Upper body strength training: 20 min.

photo 4

Friday, August 29th
Running: 2.5 miles, 31:14 min.


Saturday, August 30th
Cycling: 31.73 miles, 3:27:30 min.

photo-41Sunday, August 31st
Summit hike: 30 min.
Upper body strength training: 20 min.

What do you think; should I keep up a weekly workout recap? ;)

More Weekend Fun

This morning we decided to drive up to the summit of Mt. Evans since they’re about to close the road for the season due to construction and we still haven’t even been up there. We climbed to the tippy top (really not much of a hike, but with the strong winds it sure felt like more than a stroll!), and enjoyed the views. Then we stopped in Idaho Springs on the way home to grab a bite to eat and explore the shops. Knox tagged along. Enjoy the photos!

photo 1

Knox excited for a ride in the car

photo 2

Windchill 0-4 degrees? Brrr!

photo 3

There was some crazy weather on the ascent.

photo 4

And beautiful lakes in the valleys

photo 5

A table rock

photo 1

Trying to capture the ridge, but the wind was threatening to blow them away!


Proof! :)

photo 2

Selfie on the way down

photo 3

More beautiful views on the way down

photo 4

Sleepy Knox after conquering the summit and the wind

photo 5

Quaint little Idaho Springs


Idaho Springs fountain

It’s been an eventful weekend! Tomorrow Mike has plans to mountain bike with the boys, and my plans include running and reading.

How are you spending your Labor Day? 

Tour of Littleton Cycling Route

photo 1

Ready to go after a peanut-butter-protein-waffle breakfast!

Yesterday Mike and I embarked on a 30(plus)-mile cycling loop called the “Tour of Littleton.” We had done it before, but I only finished about 21 miles of it last time. The first third was marvelous, the second third was steady, and the last third almost killed me. But I survived! I look at it like this: It’ll be easy to see how my fitness has progressed next time we tackle this route.


Total climb: 1,719 feet

A lot of the climbing is done in the first third when I had the most energy (thank god). Here I am posing (and catching my breath) after making it to the top of the hill:

photo 1

Atop the hill

There is a beautiful, bright-green golf course on the other side of this view:

photo 2

After the first 10 miles, we stopped to grab a Honey Stringer waffle for fuel and to listen to the sound of the creek in the woods:

photo 3

These things are delicious! The vanilla one is the best, in my opinion.

photo 3


photo 4

My bike waiting patiently to go back out again.

The second third runs through the back of gorgeous neighborhoods and parks and recreational areas. Everyone was out biking, running, or barbecuing. There were a handful of little wooden bridges weaving in and out, which were great stops for photo ops:

photo 3

The long and winding road

photo 5

photo 2

Feeling good so far!

Around mile 20 or so, there is a cute little cafe, Nixon’s Coffee House, sitting on the trail, which also runs along The Hudson Gardens and Event Center. A ton of riders were sipping on cool drinks and munching on sandwiches.

photo 2


We had 10 more miles ahead of us, so we couldn’t chow down too much. I ordered this berry-and-ice smoothie for us to share. It was so refreshing on such a hot, sunny day.

photo 1

Gardens in the background!

There aren’t any pictures from the last 10 miles because I was heaving like a possessed pregnant woman in labor. Ha! But seriously, it was hard. It felt like I was overheated and also running on absolutely empty, like my body was shutting down. I either didn’t fuel enough or I just don’t have the stamina yet. The good thing is that I’m not too sore today (morning after) and still feel great about the route; I want to try it again soon, before Winter barges her way into our lives, the unwanted house guest that she is!

We celebrated with dinner at chipotle, followed by Ignite Theater‘s performance of Rent! Those performers are truly talented. I’ve had “I’ll cover you” stuck in my head ever since I woke up. It was also a great chance to let our legs stay still for three hours. :)


Good start to the weekend!